7 Reasons Why Even New Paint Requires A Paint Mesh Strainer

5 Reasons Why Even New Paint Requires A Paint Mesh Strainer

It is commonly believed that new paint does not contain impurities, and therefore a paint strainer is not required. However, this belief is unfounded and inaccurate. If you are among those who hold this view, this blog post will provide you with a different perspective. Here are the reasons why it is advisable to use a paint strainer even when working with new paint.

1) The Risk of Quality Issues

No matter the price of the paint brand you choose, there is always the possibility of encountering quality issues. Therefore, if you start painting directly from the bucket without taking any precautions, you may be running a significant risk. Consider the potential losses you may incur if a quality issue arises due to product malfunction. Repainting everything, in this case, could be a costly affair, not to mention the damage it may do to your company's image. Consequently, to avoid such eventualities, it is always advisable to strain your paint, even if it is of high quality.

2) Uneven Texture Due to Transportation

During transportation, paint cans are subjected to considerable vibrations and shaking. This can lead to uneven texture in the paint, resulting in the formation of chunks and lumps. Even if you attempt to mix the paint, the desired results cannot be achieved until the chunks of paint are removed with a strainer. Therefore, it is recommended to strain new paint as well, as it is not the same as it was in the factory due to the damage caused during transportation.

3) Managing The Shelf Life Challenge

It is imperative to strain the paint before use due to varying production dates of paint buckets and the duration they have spent on the shelf. As time passes, some paint components can settle down due to gravity, causing difficulty in mixing and applying the paint. Straining the paint helps ensure consistency in the final texture by bringing all of the paint to the same level.

4) The Chemical Reaction in The Paint

The paint that is commonly used in our daily activities is a blend of diverse chemical components. The interaction of these chemicals over time can lead to an inconsistent paint mixture. Furthermore, paint can experience evaporation, leading to thickening of the paint. To ensure a smooth and uniform consistency of the paint, it is highly recommended to strain it through a mesh strainer as a necessary step.

5) Extreme Weather, Sun or Air Exposure

The consistency of paint can be subject to change based on prevailing weather conditions. For example, the texture of a given paint bucket may be thinner during summer months, rendering it easier to apply. Conversely, in winter, the paint may become thicker and develop a different texture. Exposure to sunlight or air can also exacerbate this issue. To ensure that optimal results are achieved, it is highly recommended to strain the paint in both climate conditions.

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